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Gemen Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2018 and headquartered in Singapore. With our founders coming from the IT Voice industry and equipped with more than 15 years of experience. Gemen is a software solution provider that promises to deliver consultancy services and development of system automation that values add to customer existing investment of technologies. Gemen today evolves with the latest technology to simplify for the customer and optimizes the investment of their technologies. With our industry experience knowledge, it has made us the preferred choice for companies to choose us.

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Integrity will perform automated Recording checks. She will ensure all recorded extension via her algorithm set by the customer before the start of an organization operation. She will also have the ability to disable phone upon detection of non-recording extension automatically. This will ensure both of the system to be functional before the start of the organization operation.

Progressive Monitoring

Progressive Monitoring will ensure to periodically runs the task assign by the customer to ensure that recording system has been recording normally based on the quasireal-time check. She will identify the abnormality of the recording system and will be notifying the customer with the alarm identified. Historical reports of the alarm will be generated by her. During the identification of the abnormality, she will also disable the extension to avoid customer of making more calls from the affected


Reconciliation provides the capabilities to generate daily reports to consolidate the numbers of calls vs the numbers of call recorded in the recording system. Integrity and Progressive monitoring have historical reports.



ACE provides voice recording media extraction, digitization and conversion into modern long term storage. He has the capability to read and extract media records from voice logger tapes and archive to your preferred long term storage.

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